blood orange tea brined turkey

Blood Orange Sweet Tea Brined Turkey


When I’m cooking at home I almost never duplicate a turkey recipe. But year after year this one has become such a big hit that it became the exception. I’ve done everything from buttermilk brined, to butter injected, which I’ve posted a recipe to on my page and while those are nice, this is the one that I bring out for special occasions and keep coming back to. Just making the brine fills my home with the pleasant scent of oranges and aromatic and that tells me that this one is going to be good. And what I especially like about blood orange tea is the mild flavorful notes it imparts into the meat. This turkey brine is succulent, flavorful and pleasing to all who try it. It’s also important to note that the tannins in the tea act like a natural tenderizer so this will also work on a whole pork loin.

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