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Candy Jalapeno

The name says it all. Loaded with fresh and flavorful candied jalapenos for a thick, sweet and bold BBQ sauce that will have your taste buds jumping for joy. We think it’s one of the best Texas BBQ Sauce flavors out there and that you’ll find yourself eating it by the spoonful. Serve it as a traditional dipping BBQ sauce or as a glaze to your grilled foods. 

No HFCS, No Gluten, No artificial sweeteners, No preservatives.

Texas Tang

Chicken broth makes it better. Texas Tang BBQ sauce is not watered down, but instead uses broth to give it added umami, depth and a smooth, thin consistency. A true, Texas style BBQ sauce that’s sweetened with honey and made with ingredients that are natural, simple with a tangy kick of heat. We love it on brisket, chicken and pulled pork, to name a few.

No HFCS, No Gluten, No artificial sweeteners, No preservatives.

Sweet Heat

Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce is rich, sweet, complex, with a hint of heat, that’s super pleasing on the tongue. A sauce that wins awards, we think it will take your backyard barbecue to the next level. Pleasing to all who try it, professional pit-masters and chefs will appreciate its color, shine and ability to caramelize on flame-kissed foods.

No HFCS, No Gluten, No artificial sweeteners, No preservatives.

Rebel Red

Rebel Red BBQ Sauce breaks away from tradition and follows its own rules.  It’s a light, tomato based, savory sauce with a hint of smoke and enough heat that keeps you coming back for more.  Bright red, well-balanced, with a lower sugar content than others. We love it as a dipping sauce and think you’ll find it incredibly versatile with no wrong way to use it.

No HFCS, No Gluten, No artificial sweeteners, No preservatives.

Check out our reviews

Texas Monthly BBQ EdItor best Texas bbq sauce
“I really liked the flavor right out of the bottle. Itreally sweet on the nose from the honey, but the vinegar and heat balance it out well on the tongue.
Daniel Vaughn, Texas Monthly Barbecue Editor
Texas BBQ Posse loves Texas Tang BBQ sauce
“Big Thumbs up from ‘The Posse‘ – this is a really good sauce!” 
Texas BBQ Posse
“This sauce is damn good!  I really, really liked it.  Very clean, it compliments meat well and I think it’s a winner”
Chad Ward, BBQ Show Host on The Food Network, NBC & Travel
BBQ Beat
“Folks, this one is super tasty and I highly recommend it!  It has a nice vinegar kick to it that brightens up a sandwich without overpowering its components.
Kevin Sandridge, BBQ Beat Podcast Host
“Unlike many barbecue sauces, the signature Texas Tang barbecue sauce, which is sweetened with honey, is made with chicken broth, giving the sauce a little more depth than your typical grocery store sauce.”
Addie Broyles, Food Writer. Austin American-Stateman